1 – 1970s

In the 1975 Stafford Spring Sizzler Ed drove the John Lukosavage Pinto to a strong 2nd place finish. He also drove the car in that spring’s Dogwood 500, in which, despite an early contact with the wall, he led and looked like he would win it until he had a fuel problem near the end, and finished 21st. Image from David Bentley.


This photo was taken in 1974 or ’75, which means that Ed could have been in the Lukosavage #1 Pinto, the Garbarino #4 Pinto, or the Judkins 2x Pinto. My guess is that the photo is from Stafford, Labor Day 1974, and Ed was in the #4. Photo by Paul Bonneau.


1975-04-14. This is the #1 Pinto that Ed drove in early 1975 at both the Martinsville Dogwood 500 (which Ed led before mechanical problems set in) and the Stafford Spring Sizzler (in which Ed finished 2nd). Car owner John Lukosavage is in the foreground of the photo, which is from the Manchester Journal-Inquirer.


1975 – Martinsville Dogwood 500. The roof of the Lukosavage Pinto, temporarily numbered “5”, can be seen in the foreground. In the center of the photo, track owner Clay Earles is giving Harry Gant a trophy for taking pole for the companion LMS event.