The #28 was built by Richie Garuti, to team with his brother Ray’s #14. Richie told Ray that he chose the number 28 because it was twice as good as Ray’s #14 and his driver, Ed, was twice as good as Ray’s driver Moe Gherzi. Ed drove the Garutis’ 14 and 28 cars from 1955 through 1958. Photo by Shany Lorenzet.


Of all the cars in which Ed drove and won over the years, he was most renowned for probably the $ and the 2x. The $ was owned by Donald Ponticelli and John Stygar. In the summer of 1961, it was in the $ that Ed started his weekly routine which took him from home in Connecticut to races in New Jersey, then in Virginia, then across to races in Maryland and back to New Jersey, racing 5-6 times every week. This got him, and his traveling and racing companions Denny Zimmerman and Rene Charland, the nickname “The Eastern Bandits”. Co-owner John Stygar normally went with Ed on the Bandits’ weekly circuit and handled the primary mechanical duties for the $ and the second car (such as Ed’s own 21x or 21) that they often would bring with them. Photo from June, 1965.

2x Pinto

1971-10-17 – Langhorne. The original 2x Pinto at one of last races in which it was driven by Gene Bergin. Early in the 1972 season, Frank Vigliarolo bought it, repainted it, renumbered it as 34, and had Ed drive it. Image from Lynchmobracingimages.com.


1964. Photo from “The Home of Heroes” by Bones Bourcier, courtesy of the Alan Weaver Collection. The photograph was probably taken by John Grady at Utica-Rome.