Ed drove Rene Charland’s #3 at Utica-Rome on May 8th, 1966, less than 3 weeks before Ed pulled Rene from the same car as it was engulfed in flames at Albany-Saratoga. Robert Clock informs us that Ed himself built this car for owner Ed Ackerman, who ran it first for Gene Gamache as #1 in 1964 and then, after Gene’s premature death in early 1965, renumbered it as #3 and ran it for Rene.


The famous XL-1 (eXperimental Lincoln – 1) was owned by Don House of New Jersey. In this picture the driver is Red Farmer, although at other times it was driven by LeeRoy Yarbrough, Don MacTavish, Wally Dallenbach, Joe Kelly, and frequently by Tommie Elliott. David Bentley has written that Ed drove it in a race at Martinsville and Tommie Elliott Jr, whose father often drove the XL-1, has confirmed that Ed drove it. Photo by John Grady.


Here Ed is standing next to the Gene Dewitt-owned #7, normally driven so successfully by Dutch Hoag. I don’t know whether Ed actually ever drove this car, but the tape over the window suggests that on this occasion the car had a substitute driver, and who could have been better than Ed?


On 10-31-1971, Thompson held a 150 lap open-competition race for both Modifieds and Super-Modifieds. Ed drove the Mystic Missile to first place for Modifieds and third place overall. I believe that this was the car that Ed drove in that race. Photo from Vintagemodifieds.com