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Many people have helped with or contributed to this website, or have kindly given us permission to share here photos that they took themselves or subsequently acquired.

In alphabetical order, these people include:

Mike Anop
David Bentley
Kristin Flemke Boland
Paula Flemke Bouchard
Bill ‘Moose’ Boulay
Bones Bourcier
Lew Boyd
Robert Clock
Bruce B. Cohen
Tony Daddabbo
Dave Dykes
Carolyn Flemke
Ed Flemke Jr
The late John Grady
Chuck Grime
Chas Hertica
The late Howie Hodge
Larry Jendras Jr
Steve Kennedy
Bill Ladabouche
Fran Lawlor
John D. Marelli
Laurie Parsons
Julian Perry
Tami Corbett Ray
Sid’s Vault Productions
R. A. Silvia
Mark Southcott
Peter Stoll
Thomas Schmeh
Justin St. Louis
Mary Summers-Cortese
Brian Williams
Ric Williams
Jet Zarrella
Denny Zimmerman

We have not been able to contact, but also wish to acknowledge and thank for their fine work:

Mike Adaskaveg
The late Arthur Christy
Fred Ciavola
Phil Hoyt
The late Ace Lane Sr
Pete Lawlor
The late Shany Lorenzet
George McCormick
George Meade
Peter Montano
The late Tom Ormsby
The late Fred Smith
Bob Williams
Richard Young

Finally, we must cite and recommend a number of websites that contain excellent material about Modified racing’s “Golden Age”. We have used here images from these sites, for which we are grateful. Further, these websites contain a great deal of other rich material which, although not specifically about Ed Flemke, we believe readers of this site would enjoy.

A weekly look back at Modified racing, primarily in the Northeast.

Created by Tom Ormsby, with hundreds of images of mainly Northeastern Modifieds. Some overlap with Racingthroughtime.com, with which Tom is also involved.

A website of reader-generated content comprising any subject that is related to the history of American motor sport. Both images and discussion.

“To promote and preserve motorsports history”. Mostly images.

As mentioned on our Home page, this FB page has numerous photos of Ed and his cars, and carries an ongoing discussion of his life and times. Participants include members of his family as well as his friends and colleagues.

This Facebook page is also devoted to Ed, and specifically to the motion urging that he be voted into NASCAR’s Hall of Fame.
Because throughout the 1950s – which was the first third of Ed’s racing career – NASCAR was concentrated in the South, NASCAR appears to overlook much of what Ed, and other great Northeastern drivers, accomplished during that period.
To get an idea of how Northern racing stacked up against Southern racing during that era, however, one need look no further than at the first major North-South Modified racing comings-together. That is, the “Eastern Bandits” activities of 1961-63, when Ed, Denny Zimmerman, Red Foote and Rene Charland went South every week and dominated the racing in Virginia and Maryland. The competition that they regularly defeated included Glen Wood, Ray Hendrick, Sonny Hutchins, Perk Brown, Eddie Crouse, Ralph Earnhardt and Bobby and Donnie Allison.
At present there are only two full-time Modified drivers in the NASCAR Hall of Fame. The first was Richie Evans. His career started in the 1960s, and thus he had a full NASCAR history. Given that and his overall win record, it was right that Richie be the first Modified driver in the Hall.
The second was Jerry Cook. Jerry’s priority was scoring points, and he won a lot of championships without winning a lot of races. Since he retired from driving in 1985, Jerry has spent the last 30 years working in NASCAR management, which is likely to have helped him get elected to the Hall.
Ed Flemke deserves to be the next Modified driver elected to the NASCAR Hall of Fame. This Facebook page was designed for that purpose.

Mostly images, mostly dirt racing from NJ area but includes Modifieds from other places.

Discussion forum about Modified racing. Denny Zimmerman is an active contributor. This site is a continuation of the now-closed thread at:

which was also a forum for discussion of vintage Modified racing. It had thousands of images of classic Modifieds, although unfortunately some images no longer are visible because they apparently are no longer being hosted.

This is the website of Coastal 181 Publishing. Its proprietor, Lew Boyd, is a former Modified racer who, among other things, co-founded the Stafford Spring Sizzler. Coastal 181 published “Steady Eddie”, the great book about Ed Flemke written by Bones Bourcier, and offers hundreds of other wonderful books on motor racing.

This is the Eastern Motorsport Press Association website. In 1995, Ed was voted into the EMPA Hall of Fame.

–  http://www.near1.org/hall_of_fame/1998_hof/hof_flemeke_eddie.html
This is the New England Auto Racing website. In 1998, Ed was voted into the inaugural class of the NEAR Hall of Fame.

The work of one very dedicated man, this is a massive compilation of a wide variety of racing results.

This is the New York State Stock Car Association website. In 1988, Ed was voted into the NYSSCA Hall of Fame.

Many thanks also to Limitless for developing and hosting www.edflemke.com.