2x coupe

Plainville. This was the first Bob Judkins 2x coupe, a Ford that was raced in early-mid ’60s by Ed, Gene Bergin, Fats Caruso, Billy Harman, Tony Mordino, and Jerry Wheeler (who had introduced Bob to Ed in the early ’50s). Photo by Faust, from the R.A. Silvia archives, via Racingthroughtime.com


In 1970, Richie Evans was banned from NASCAR events because he had been running in some non-NASCAR events. Ed was going to drive Richie’s car in the New Yorker 400 at Utica-Rome but, because Richie was in the crew, officials would not allow the team to enter the pits. The team’s response was to set up operations in the public parking lot, from which they ran the car during practice, qualifying, and the race itself. Whenever he drove the car onto the track, Ed was required to show his own, valid NASCAR driver’s card. Despite this handicap, Ed won the race. Photo by John Grady, from Racingthroughtime.com.


Owned by Tony Ferrante Sr and normally driven by Jim Hendrickson, the x3 was built by Ed and Ed Jr. Ed Sr raced it at Stafford Springs and Pocono.

2x Pinto

1972-03-19 – Martinsville Dogwood 500 lap 120 of 250. The leader indicated on the scoreboard was car #42. That was a temporary ‘Martinsville number’ given to the original 2x Pinto which Ed was driving. In this race he led for 60 laps, and was still leading until his engine blew a few laps after this photo was taken.

2x Pinto

1972 – Martinsville. Max Berrier (12), Paul Radford (26), Ed in 2(x). An internet poster asserted that this photo was from the March 1972 Dogwood 500. However, the car in this image is the second 2x Pinto, which did not exist until a few months after the 1972 Dogwood race had taken place. This image in fact appears to be from the October 1973 Cardinal 500 at Martinsville.


1971 – Stafford. Owing to a dispute with an unreasonable NASCAR in 1970, after that year the Garuti/Arute 14 and 28 never again ran in a NASCAR race. NASCAR’s bureaucratic reach did not however extend to All-Star Racing League events, and Ed was able to drive the 28 in the 1971 All-Star show at Stafford Springs. Photo by Howie Hodge.