The #79 in the background appears to be a different car from the one that Ed usually drove, although the photo was taken during the same period (1969-70). Ed Yerrington is in the foreground with his #66.


This was the original $, owned by Bill Boudrieau and Donald Ponticelli. I am not aware that Ed ever drove it, as it was the predecessor to the famous $ run by Ponticelli and John Stygar and driven by Ed starting in 1960. Photo and caption from the Coastal181 website.


1960-10-15 – Pinecrest Speedway. Ed’s 15/15x is near the back. Thanks to Tom Schmeh for the image, from the George Ryland Collection via the Pinecrest Speedway Facebook page.


1960-10-15 – Pinecrest. Ed is on the left in the dark coupe with the white steering wheel. The J2 driven by Red Foote and Slim Ross’s 222 ‘Bounty Hunter’, usually driven by Joe McNulty, can be seen at the back.