1964-07-30 – Anecdote

1964-07-30. In 1962 Ed had completely dominated the Modified racing at Southside. In 1963 he went there mostly for only the bigger races, in one of which he was leading when his engine blew, in a second one he was leading when the engine in the car ahead of his blew and, hitting its oil, Ed went into the wall, and in a third big-distance race Ed had his well-known crash when his throttle stuck and his car ended up in the catch fencing overhanging the grandstand. Therefore by the start of the ’64 season Ed had provided the Southside fans with plenty of excitement. In the race referenced in this article, both Ed and George were going to race, but on the drive to Virginia their tow vehicle broke down and they could not make it in time. They were however able to get to Bowman Gray the following evening for the 400 lap race, where Ed was running 1st or 2nd for most of the race but for reasons unknown finished 4th. (Click on image to open)